The tournament will be played according to PDGA Europe B-Tier standards (see 2013 Guide to PDGA Europe and PDGA EuroTour) and current PDGA rules.

Players field

The tournament is limited to 90 players.

Entry fees

500 DKK all divisions

Prize money

The prize money for all professional divisions will exceed 11.000 DKK and 80% of net entry fees.
The top 33% in each professional division will receive prize money.
The top amateur and junior players will receive goods from


We offer the following divisions (all of which will be eligible for earning Euro Tour points):
Open (MPO)
Women (FPO)
Masters (MPM)
Grandmasters (MPG)
Senior Grandmasters (MPS)
Juniors (MJ1)
Advanced Amateurs (MA1)


All players must be current PDGA-members to compete in the tournament. Non-PDGA-members may register during the registration period, but must confirm their membership before tournament start to be allowed to play.


3 rounds of 18 holes for all players and a 9 hole final.

1st round to be played random.
2nd round will be played ordered by score.
3rd round will be played ordered by score, per division.
Final will be top 25%

Final round

A final round will be played for the top players in each division (in groups of 4), on 9 holes with a total maximum of 36 players.
At least 25% of each division with at least 4 players will enter the final round. Exact number of players is dependent on the number of divisions and players, and will be published at the start of the tournament.

Hole 11, 12, 13,14, 6, 5, 16,17 and XXL
The final round will be played with shotgun start.


All ties for the last admissible spot for the final round in each division will be broken right before the start of the final round, by way of playing a sudden death. Tiebreak will be played on holes to be announced during players meeting.
All ties for a divisional first place will be broken right after the final round, by way of playing a sudden death.


Doubles will be played Friday 3. May
Format: Best Shot.
Entry fee: 50 DKK per Team.
Prize money: 100% money payback in cash prizes.
Divisions: Open, Women, Mix, Master (Min. 3 pairs in a division, otherwise they will compete in Open division)


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